onboarding process for home health organization


BDT created an onboarding process to help a home healthcare organization quickly recruit and hire qualified healthcare professionals. The system resulted in:


A healthcare organization specialized in home care for patients with catastrophic illnesses or injuries. The organization secured cases faster than it could bring qualified healthcare professionals on board. 

The Issue

Because of the speed the organization used to try to keep up, it overlooked steps in the recruitment and selection procedure. This jeopardized licensing regulations and case management (including a patient’s ability to go home). 

Because of the intense care patients required, the organization needed a uniform process to facilitate the hiring of the appropriate people for positions from home health aides to the case manager. The process also needed to include orientation to cases and continuing education related to home healthcare.

The organization’s manager hired Bell Design Technologies, Inc. (BDT) to offer a solution for hiring qualified personnel quickly, which also allows the organization to comply with state regulations.

The Solution

BDT developed a detailed group/packet of flowcharts divided by hiring and onboarding processes: recruitment, interviewing and selection, processing, orientation, supervising and training, and administration.

Each flowchart included instructions or explanations on that chart’s sub-processes. This ensured the case managers who did most of the hiring consistently and uniformly completed the required steps for each stage. 

The Result

Implementation of this packet of flowcharts provided several results for the home healthcare organization:

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