Success and Failure of KM

success failure of KM

What success and failure of knowledge management (KM) concepts impact organizational information and knowledge?

A knowledge management strategy can successfully or incorrectly impact an organization’s business functions. It can also affect how well the organization performs in the marketplace.

In its article titled Successes and Failures of Knowledge Management, KM Institute lists several successes and failures of incorporating knowledge management in an organization.

Successes of KM

  • Better organization
  • Structured business processes
  • Informed decision making
  • Faster problem solving
  • Easier sharing of expertise
  • More innovation
  • Improved communication

Failures of KM

  • Not aligning KM with business strategy
  • Difficulty finding information and resources
  • Absence of efficient knowledge capturing methods
  • Choosing and integrating KM tech
  • Motivating employees to use KM

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