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BDT helped a pain management medical practice implement a knowledge-sharing process to assist patients with improving their healthcare outcomes.

The process resulted in:


A pain management medical practice wanted to meet healthcare accreditation requirements by supplying educational material to its patients to help them improve their own healthcare outcomes.

The Issue

The practice needed to develop a process to help its healthcare providers share healthcare knowledge with patients by distributing educational material, regardless of diagnosis or treatment prescribed.

The practice manager brought in Bell Design Technologies, Inc. (BDT) to offer a solution for sharing educational materials with patients. 

The Solution

BDT created a systematic approach (Patient Education System) which not only enhanced the practice’s ability to share health-related knowledge with patients but also enabled the practice to comply effectively with healthcare accreditation requirements.

In addition, BDT worked with instructional design and graphic design specialists to create the Patient Education System in two phases. The first phase was a printed version of patient education material. The second phase was a web-based interactive system of the material. 

During both phases, the practice’s healthcare providers evaluated patient learning to determine the effectiveness of teaching and sharing the educational material. The evaluation was done through patients demonstrating the learned concepts or verbalizing their understanding of what they learned.

The Result

The Patient Education System helped the medical practice with:

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