As a small or midsized manufacturing firm, you may need to reduce knowledge loss through better documentation or process design.

We can help you fix that!

Coaching services

Coaching Services
(EPSS™ Done with You)

Master The Employee Productivity Support System™ (EPSS™) framework in 15 months or less through coaching.

Our 15-month coaching program guides you through the five stages of building your knowledge management (KM) process using the EPSS™ process blueprint.

First, we teach you how to conduct an in-depth analysis of your current KM process. This includes stepping you through the activity of getting buy-in from your stakeholders. These steps help you decide the next steps to take to improve your organization’s knowledge management.

The coaching program ends 15 months after you begin. We provide education, training, and support as you complete each stage’s assignments. 

We guide you through the process until you feel confident enough to complete EPSS™ on your own. If you feel you need more coaching, you may renew for an additional six or 12 months.

Consulting Services
(EPSS™ Done for You)

We Build and Launch Your Knowledge Management Process for You in 15 months or less using The Employee Productivity Support System™ (EPSS™) blueprint.

We serve you by building and implementing your knowledge management (KM) process in 15 months or less. 

Our focus is to launch the KM process you need to capture, share, use, and manage your organizational content and information (knowledge). 

Before we begin the project, we identify and agree on schedules, milestones, reporting, and any resources required to meet objectives. 

After implementation, we follow up with you at six months and 12 months. At those times, we evaluate the KM process to determine how it is working and whether it needs tweaking.

Consulting services

Documentation Services
(Done for You)

We work with you to document your policies, procedures, and processes clearly in Plain Language.

We apply a research-based systematic approach to document and explain your business processes. 

By using the most appropriate written, visual, or digital documentation options, we clarify concepts, ideas, and information so people learn and understand better what they need to do.

In addition, we organize processes and procedures into logical function-based hierarchies. As a result, your employees find what they need to do their jobs effectively, efficiently, and correctly every time. 

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