“Edith volunteered to work with the staff of a non-profit organization to draw out complicated work processes. From this, she created a clear and much easier to follow form. This Pro Bono work led me to hire her several months later for consultation on another project. I would without hesitation enlist her expertise again.”
Testimonials: executive director
Martina Shera, Executive Director
"Edith shared her knowledge as we researched and implemented a system to manage church membership and financial records. She made the program operational. She also created a user guide and quick reference sheet to help the church staff enter data and maintain the system. The time she spent, and her skills were deeply appreciated."
Testimonials: pastor
Don Register, Pastor
“Since 2001, I have used Edith's consulting services for several process documentation projects. Although she had never written about healthcare before we became her client, she quickly grasped the concepts. Edith’s involvement in these projects led to organizational improvement in processes and productivity.”
Testimonials: president/CEO
Scott Anderson, President/CEO
"Edith took a product and made it more complete and user friendly. Her thoroughness and attention to detail added a great deal. The result is a product that will help consultants be more effective in their training and performance improvement work."
Testimonials: certification director
Judy Hale, Director of Certification
"Edith was retained for distance learning development project. We quickly developed a trusted relationship. She took a vast amount of information and arranged it in a logical sequence for curriculum and content creation. She also provided suggestions and feedback throughout the planning process. Her attention to detail and her aptitude for thorough and thoughtful research on necessary topics were amazing. Her time and efforts on doing the right things in the right way revealed a deep sense of integrity. Her work has been appreciated."
Testimonials: managing director
Vikki Falls, Managing Director
“Edith uses system analysis and workflow analysis to understand a client's business processes before developing documentation to reduce employee errors, increase efficiency, and improve productivity. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again.”
Testimonials: tech services director
John McLaughlin, Director Technical Services
“Edith is exceptional at planning, designing, researching, and writing complex business documents in plain language for training, sales, or internal presentations. She has that rare ability to synthesize diverse and challenging subject matter accurately and understandably for audiences at all levels. She is the one to go to for critical projects that must be completed on time, accurately, with empathy for the audience, and with complete accountability.”
Testimonials: general manager
Larry Quinn, General Manager Automated Systems
"I’ve known Edith for a long time and have had the pleasure of working with her. Edith has the unique ability and skill to actually listen to the client, interpret the client’s needs, and provide a thorough solution. She has excellent oral and written communication capabilities which makes her a very competent answer to a client’s needs."
Testimonials: director
Gail Raymond, Director Personalized Printing
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