information management case study vehicle tracking


BDT created a vehicle tracking information system for a small towing service.

The more efficient process resulted in:


A small vehicle towing service had contracts to tow and store vehicles for three governmental entities. Each entity had different towing and storage charges, and different numbers of days the service was allowed to store a vehicle. 

The Issue

The company tracked towed vehicles and their associated charges manually, which resulted in missed, incorrect,  or uncollected charges, and in incomplete information on towed and stored vehicles.

The towing service owner hired Bell Design Technologies (BDT) to design a system to capture and manage the information required to track towed vehicles and calculate associated charges by governmental entity.

The Solution

BDT created a system to automate tracking towed and stored vehicles and their associated charges. The system included error control to ensure employees entered complete information for each vehicle entered into the system. 

BDT also created a user’s guide, which included instructions and images of the data entry screens. The guide also explained the error control and all associated messages. 

The Result

Implementation of a more efficient vehicle information tracking system process resulted in:

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